Thursday, January 5, 2017

Expanding Horizons and Where You Can Find Me

Since I started up this blog, I have also decided to add another site to Blogger and it’s a site I have been trying to move to Blogger for a while. The same night I posted my previous entry, I posted a written review of Rogue One to my new Blogger site. You can find the site here at

Think of this as my way of expanding my horizons further on the Internet, especially since my college degree is pretty much on its way.

And while I am on the subject on where you can find me in this wild and wacky social media world, you can find me on the following sites:

I also have other sites on Blogger. For example, my website Tales of the Blackcat, where I post my short stories and autobiographical essays can be found at
I also have my site on the Chester Gillette murder case which is my oldest site on the Internet:

And I also have my site Net Neutrality Awareness that I set up while in college:

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